Here are the main characters:

Amirite: Me, of course! (Actually, no, she is only based off of me.) Loves Owl City's music, most of it. Likes to eat nachos, steak with TONS of gravy, and sushi. Mmmz.

YouKnowWho AKA AdamYoung: Based off of Adam Young AKA Owl City. He was known as YouKnowWho for the first few bits of the first episode. Is sworn enemy of RandomBrainiac. Is also a vegetarian.

RandomBrainiac: Based off the average dork. He was the one who tried to stop YouKnowWho AKA AdamYoung from saying his real name. Is sworn enemy of AdamYoung. Eats his food in backwards alphabetical order.

Simona/Cameron: Based off one of my best friends. Her locker is right next to mine and she is in four of my classes at school, 5 if you count homeroom. Likes to eat fried chicken.

AngelLimes: Based off another of my best friends. We usually eat lunch at school together, and she is in 4 of my classes. She likes to eat fries and sushi (not together)

Anna/Bridget: Based off one of my friends at school. She is in a bunch of my classes, and unfortunately I cannot remember which ones. She likes to eat sushi and pizza.