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Hi again.
I was wondering why we all hate/like a certain thing, all at once.

The reason for this is called a fad.
People with approximately the same age, follow fads because they think following one will make them cooler.

Surprisingly, it does make the natives cooler.
Now here is the million dollar question:

Why does it make them cooler?
A fad needs to be popular to be truly a fad. If everyone follows the fad, why is everyone popular?

The sad truth is that everyone only thinks that they are popular. Sure, they may be liked more but they are truly only the commoners.

A truly popular person not only follows fads, she/he is liked and is famous around the school for it. Most truly popular people do not have to work to hard to be popular. They simply ARE.

But if you are reading this, and is in the small demographic area where you have worked for it, congratulations. You have the power to do something different than the average popular person who IS, called creativity.

The popular person who IS just capitalizes on the latest fads. The popular person who worked at it separates herself/himself from the popular person who IS because they don't follow fads. Well, maybe they do. But they MAKE fads.

This means there are people, not just in schools, that SHOULD be popular because they are willing to stand out. I am not one of these people because I prefer to blend in, as I am not good at creating fads. But there are some people that are skilled at this, because they work hard at it.

But it leaves me wondering:

What about someone who is hated being at the top of the ladder?

No, I do not mean the average prissy perfect IS. I mean some social reject, say, like a dork. They might have their own group of friends or not.

How would it be like to have a previous social reject at the head of the school empire?

Go chew on that for a while. Open up your brain.


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12/30/2010 00:10:50

Hi! I love your episodes there great! And i really like your character! keep up the great work:)

12/30/2010 17:11:45

Thank u!!!

1/6/2011 16:22:10

most ppl wound say "boo i don't wanna be tech manager! :'( " BUT IM HAPPY SO YEAH! do you like the background, and comment section hover/select background??? (the green squarey one)

1/7/2011 16:37:15

Yeah how do you do these kind of things?

1/9/2011 20:57:08

shhhhh its a secret :P


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