Episode 1: How to Get Punched By Someone Famous



Amirite (me)

You (who ever you are)

YouKnowWho AKA AdamYoung



RandomFanGirl (cameo)



Me: Heyeveryone! Welcome to our show!

You (who ever you are): You forgot the space O.o

Me: Sowhat?

YouKnowWho: So what?!? Grammar is very important!

You: I agree with YouKnowWho.

Me: You’re YouKnowWho? Argh, run for your lives!!! He’s gonna kill you like he did with a bunch of other people!!!

RandomBrainiac: *appears randomly* Not the You-Know-Who in Harry Potter. He’s… uh… I don’t know. I’m not allowed to say his name. It’s creepy.


Me: *runs around screaming, yelling, and bumping into things*

You: O.o- You guys, Amirite is being an idiot here. Help, please.


Me: Who are you?

YouKnowWho: I’m Ad-

RandomBraniac: *clamps hand over YouKnowWho’s mouth* DO NOT SAY YOUR NAME, OR ELSE WE WILL ALL DIE!!!

You: Huh?

YouKnowWho: *punches RandomBraniac* How are we going to die if I say my real name? I’m A-

You: YouKnowWho, RandomBrainiac is getting up and has duct tape. I think it’s for your mouth. 

YouKnowWho: *punches RandomBraniac again*

RandomBrainiac: Stop punching me! Please!!!

Me: Can YouKnowWho give us clues?

RandomBrainiac: Okay. But he can only say 2 words at a time.

YouKnowWho: Hello Seattle.

Me: How do you know that song?

YouKnowWho: Strawberry Avalanche.

Me: CO.ol!!!

YouKnowWho: Dental Care.

Me: *runs around screaming Owl City songs*

YouKnowWho: *light bulb appears above head* I am…

RandomBrainiac: OH NO YOU DON’T!!! *puts duct tape over YouKnowWho’s mouth* 

You: What?

RandomBrainiac: He was going to say his name after that, because his real name is two words!

Me: O.o

YouKnowWho: *tears off duct tape* Amirite, remember the *I AM* t-shirt?

Me: Yeah…

YouKnowWho: I’m the person who created it.

RandomBrainiac: NOOO!!! *chokes*

Me: YESSSS!!! You’re Adam Young!!!

RandomBrainiac: *dies*

You: Get up. You’re ridiculous.


AdamYoung AKA YouKnowWho: Cool, right? I now pronounce myself AdamYoung, without the space.

Simona: WOW! But I only like Fireflies.

You: Simona, you’re way too late. You were supposed to come in on the first page.

Simona: Who cares?

Me: HEY!!! I said that in the first page!

AdamYoung: You forgot the space in the first page.

Me: Harrumph. You guys are sticklers for grammar. And you were YouKnowWho in the first page to the end of the second page, except for the last line.

AdamYoung: Not anymore!

You: You have to have proper grammar all the time, except in chat rooms. Or Gmail chat.

AdamYoung: Yeah.

Me: *moans*

Simona: What if we used grammar well only half of the time?

You: No. We should use it all of the time.

RandomBraniac: I’m alive!!!

Simona: Who are you?

AdamYoung: He’s an idiot.

RandomBrainiac: I’m not an idiot! I’m a brainiac.

Me: That is obvious.

You: Your name tells us the whole story.

Me: That’s even obviouser.

AdamYoung: That’s not a word.

Me: *pretends to faint due to grammar sticklers*

Simona: *faints for real*

RandomBrainiac: And I thought I was ridiculous. *snorts*

You: You are ridiculous. At least they’re only pretending.

Me: Simona actually fainted.

Simona: *dead to the world (for now)*

RandomBrainiac: At least I didn’t actually die.

AdamYoung: You did. You’re a zombie. You eat brains.

RandomBrainiac: Zombies don’t exist, Adam I-Know-Everything Young. And even if I was one, I’d eat your brain first.

AdamYoung: You sure act like one. Oops, where did my brain go? AHH!!! YOU ATE IT!!! *pretends to die*

You: *laughs*

RandomBrainiac: You’re just jealous because I’m smarter than you!

AdamYoung: *mimics RandomBrainiac*- You’re just jealous because I’m smarter than you! Of course you’re smarter than me! You are a brainiac, aren’t you? At least I’m famous.

You: Stop arguing!

Me: I agree for once. What are you even arguing about?

Simona: Hi!

RandomBrainiac: I could eat your brain first, right, Simona? You aren’t using it.

Me: She certainly is using it, or else she would be dead. All humans need a brain to be alive.

AdamYoung: I thought you weren’t a zombie. O.o

RandomBrainiac: You’re the one who first thought I was a zombie. O.o

RandomFanGirl: *outside window* There’s Justin Bieber!!! MARRY ME!!!

EveryoneExceptRandomFanGirl: Wow. What an idiot. O.o

RandomBrainiac: Are we done?

Me: Yeah! :D

Simona: That’s all, folks!


RandomFanGirl: JUSTIN BIEBER!!!


AdamYoung: *grins*


Simona: I said that’s all, folks!!!


*curtains close and AdamYoung drops sandbag on RandomBrainiac’s head*  






Fri, 10 Dec 2010 00:21:20

Hi, the first episode was great! Similar to PartyWithHobos, do you know it? Can't wait for second one!


Tue, 14 Dec 2010 04:29:38

yup i know the puplisher im in charge of the new years special... HELP ME!!!


Tue, 14 Dec 2010 20:02:45

It's fine, but needs to be longer...

I need to edit it and I sent u an email :)



Tue, 04 Jan 2011 22:55:10

Very LONG!
I like it, though ^^


Sat, 08 Jan 2011 00:35:58

thank u :D


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