Episode 3: If I Was A Raindrop, Would You Be My...?





Me (Amirite)


Cameron (Simona)


Bridgette (Anna)

Mr. Hadi (cameo)

Mr. Principal


AdamYoung: Cloud.

Me: Huh?

AdamYoung: That’s the answer to the riddle in the title. O.o

Me: Wrong. You should know this. One of your songs has the answer to it.

AdamYoung: Which one? *holds up my IPod*

Me: Never mind. I was supposed to start this episode. Welcome to RandomNess, the show about random people based off of random people! AND LET GO OF MY IPOD!

RandomBrainiac: HI!

AdamYoung: Answer the riddle up there. *drops my IPod*

RandomBrainiac: Uh... thundercloud?

Me: Wrong. But close.

Cameron: Hi!

Me: Today we are going to interview our principal, Mr. Principal!

AngelLimes: Cloud?

Me: No. AdamYoung already asked that.

Cameron: Thundercloud?

Me: No. RandomBrainiac already asked that.

Bridgette: Why the weird title?

Me: We’re gonna ask Mr. Ball that question, and a few more!

Bridgette: Atmosphere?

Me:  No. But it was imaginative.

Bridgette: Cool!

AngelLimes: Stratosphere?

Me: Nope.

Mr. Hadi: Earth?

Me: No. But it was interesting.

Mr. Principal: Hi!

Me: Hi Mr. Principal. Can you figure out the riddle that everyone is failing to guess?

AngelLimes: Give us a hint.

EveryoneExceptMe: Yeah!

Me: Okay. The answer is in one of Owl City’s songs.

*everyone except me tries to grab my IPod*

Cameron: Yes! I got it!!!

RandomBrainiac: *grabs IPod* Now I have it! SHIELD!!!

AngelLimes: *tries to grab IPod but is stopped by shield*

Me: You have 10 minutes to look through it or else you will be disqualified.

RandomBrainiac: *flips through IPod*

Mr. Principal: Oxygen?

Me: NO.

Mr. Principal: Raindrop?

Bridgette: NO!

RandomBrainiac: Is it Tokyo?

Me: Are you listening to Panda Bear?

RandomBrainiac: Yes.

Me: Keep looking.


Cameron: YEAH!!!

Bridgette: ATTACK!!!

AngelLimes: BLOW IT UP!!!

Mr. Principal: There are some sticks of dynamite over there. *points at seemingly random sticks of TNT*

Bridgette: *grabs unlit stick of TNT and throws it at shield*


AngelLimes: *grabs stick of lit TNT and throws it at shield*


RandomBrainiac: HEY!!! I’m not done!

Me: Well, too bad. Your shield blew up and your 10 minutes are up. AngelLimes gets it next, since she blew up the shield.

AngelLimes: Yeah!

Mr. Principal: Cotton candy?

Me: Are you kidding?

AdamYoung: I wish I was the real Adam Young!

Me: Too bad. If you were the real one, you wouldn’t be on this show.

AdamYoung: Darn.

Cameron: Can we still grab the IPod?

Me: No. You will be disqualified if you do.

AngelLimes: Is it an albatross?

Me: You’re listening to Hello Seattle, right?

AngelLimes: Yep.

Me: Wrong.

AngelLimes: *flips through IPod more quickly*

RandomBrainiac: *turns on DSi*

Bridgette: What are you doing?

RandomBrainiac: I’m bored.

Bridgette: Okay.

AdamYoung: *punches RandomBrainiac in the face*

RandomBrainiac: AHHHH!!! IT BURNS!!!

AdamYoung: *snickers*

Mr. Principal: No bullying! You have a detention, young man!

AdamYoung: I don’t go to this school. HA HA HA. I’m 24 years old.

Mr. Principal: But that was wrong!

Cameron: Who cares?

Mr. Principal:  I DO!

AngelLimes: Is it peppermint?

Me: Nope. You are listening to “Peppermint Winter” right?

AngelLimes: Uh huh.


Me: Super Mario Bros? What an n00b.

RandomBrainiac: I like this game. O.o

Me: You’re even more n00bish now.

AdamYoung: He is a n00b, an idiot, a wacko, a vegetable, a-

RandomBrainiac: STOP!!!

AdamYoung: -A dumbo, a dimbulb, a mind-less alien, a Beliber, a-

RandomBrainiac: I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER!!! *kicks AdamYoung*

*fight starts*

Me: *moans*

Cameron: Hey! It’s snowing!

AdamYoung: *starts singing the previously mentioned Peppermint Winter*

There’s the snow,

Look out below,

And bundle up,


Me: CO.olz! *claps*

RandomBrainiac: BOO!

AngelLimes: Thunderstorm?

Me: YESS!!! You win some free sushi!

AngelLimes: *NOM NOM*

Cameron:  That’s all, folks!

Me: We need to stop doing that. MGM is gonna sue us.

Cameron: Okay! End of madness... for now!

Bridgette: I like that. :)




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