Episode 2: The Steak-A-Thon



Amirite (me)

You (who ever you are)







Me: Welcome back to the show you all know and love, RandomNess!

You: *snores*

RandomBrainiac: Please stop that infernal snoring!

AdamYoung: As long as it annoys you, it’s fine with me. :)

You: I am not an it! I am a she/he! 

AdamYoung: Dang. You’re awake.

RandomBrainiac: *snickers*

Me: Come on! I am trying to present a show about our random lives!

 You: *points at Anna and AngelLimes* - Who are they?

Me: They’re our new main characters! This is Anna and AngelLimes!

AnnaAndAngelLimes: Hi!

RandomBrainiac: Now may I please continue my debate?

Me: What debate?

RandomBrainiac: My lively debate with AdamYoung.

Simona: That’s not a debate, it’s an argument!

Anna: Same thing.

AngelLimes: I agree.

Me: A debate is more controlled than an argument. O.o

RandomBrainiac: Amirite, can we please get rid of these infernal people?

Me: No.

AdamYoung: I like them. :)

RandomBrainiac: You only like them because they are irritating me!!! *punches AdamYoung*

AdamYoung: Well, duh.

AngelLimes: Did you write the song Hot Air Balloon?

RandomBrainiac: No.

Anna: She’s talking about AdamYoung!

AdamYoung: My alter ego did, the real me.

AngelLimes: CO.ol! Are you the real AdamYoung?

AdamYoung: I think so. The one without a space.

You: What are we supposed to be doing?

Me: We’re going to have a steak-a-thon!

Simona: What’s that?

Me: It’s a contest to see who ever can eat a portion of steak the fastest! Yumz.

AdamYoung: I’m a vegetarian.

Me: You don’t have to participate. Let’s start!

*20 minutes later*

Me: Our three contestants are going to be RandomBrainiac, Anna and AngelLimes!

RandomBrainiac: I’m going to beat you all scientifically!

Anna: Okay…

Me: Simona, AdamYoung, and You will be your judges! Start eating!

*everyone is eating steak rapidly*

Me: Anna is in the lead!

Anna: Yes!

Me: AngelLimes is second!

AngelLimes: Good!

Me: And RandomBrainiac is last!

SimonaAndAdamYoung: Woo hoo!

Me: *stares at SimonaAndAdamYoung* Adam, Simona, you have to treat everyone equally, because you are both judges.

SimonaAndAdamYoung: Who cares?

You: Oh my god. *bangs head on judge desk*

SimonaAndAdamYoung: What?

Me: You have to be impartial or else you will not be one of the judges!  Didn’t you read the judges’ rules?

SimonaAndAdamYoung: No. :)

RandomBrainiac: I finished first! Yes!!!

EveryoneExceptRandomBrainiac: Huh?

RandomBrainiac: Look at my plate! *shows empty plate*

Me: We have a winner!!!

*buzzer noise coming from the judges’ table*

SimonaAndAdamYoung: *buzzing their buzzers*

Me: What?

You: Huh?

Anna: Now what?

AngelLimes: I’m the second! Woo hoo!

Me: What do you want?

Simona: I saw RandomBrainiac dump his plate into the garbage can.

AdamYoung: Me too.

RandomBrainiac: That’s not true!

Anna: Yeah, I saw him eat every last bite from his plate.

AngelLimes: I wasn’t looking.

Simona: Let’s look at the tape in the camera.

AngelLimes: What camera?

Simona: The camera we put up for security.

AdamYoung: The security camera.

Everyone: OK!

You: *comes back with footage of the stage*

Simona: *inserts it into the DVD player*

Me: *snores*

AdamYoungAndRandomBrainiac: WAKE UP!!!

Me: What? Hey, you agreed on something for once. Cool.

EveryoneExceptMe: Never mind.

Everyone: *watches tape intently*

Simona: THERE!

Everyone: *stares at paused screen of RandomBrainiac…eating his steak???*

RandomBrainiac: SEE!!! I’m innocent.

AdamYoung: Darn.

RandomBrainiac: *punches AdamYoung*

Me: We have a winner!

Anna: Are we done yet? :D

Me: Hey, that was my line!!!

Simona: Yep. That’s all, folks!

*curtains close and everyone bows*

*RandomBrainiac drops sandbag on AdamYoung’s head and laughs hysterically*





12/14/2010 04:33

ok... i like 2 eat fries & sushi (not 2 gether)
c u @ school...

12/14/2010 20:06

yeah ok :)


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